The Will of the Lord

For those of us who are on social media like Twitter, Instagram, or FB, it can be amazing on how many “friends” we have. On FB, for example, we get happy when many friends like the things we post. However, on a deeper reflection, the real question is, “How many friends really know us inside and out? How many real friends do we actually have?” 

In the Gospel, Jesus reminds us that we may know God but the real question is, “Do we know the will of the Father?” This was very visible in the life of Christ. Even when he was being praised and applauded, he would say, “The will of my Father”. When he was undergoing great suffering, he said, “Your will and not my will.”

How do we apply the “Will of the Father” in our lives?  

  1. Love of God, Love of neighbor. All the sacraments that we have, all the sacramentals that we have, all the novenas that we have, and all the fasting that we do, should not only be an indication of how much we love God, but also how much we love our neighbor. It is something that we really need nowadays because we have grown impatient with those we mark as a menace to society.
  2. Persecution. Jesus said that His true followers will experience persecution as He himself experienced persecution. When one does what is right, stands up for what is true, and fights the many evils in everyday life, persecution follows. We remember the saying, “All it needs for evil to prevail is for all good people to do nothing.” Fight evil with love and goodness.
  3. Calling. Jesus said to His apostles, “Come follow me.” Each of us has our own mission in life. Be faithful to that mission, use well all the God-given blessings, and touch people’s lives and life becomes meaningful.

My dear friends the Gospel reminds us that we have to follow the Will of God because life is uncertain. Remember always the imagery of a huge tree that has stood the test of time. 

When the storms in life come, it all boils down to how deep are our roots, that is, how much we trust the Lord. Never lose hope, look at the bright side, continue to be a blessing. After all, when we truly do His will, despite our shortcomings, sins, and mistakes, he will get us through.

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