God is Victorious

Matthew 17:1-9

When people find out that I am involved with the ministry of deliverance and exorcism the typical question – “Isn’t it scary?” This too was the very question I asked when they were asking me to help. The answer I got then, is the very answer that I too give after about 2 years of experience – “In the end, you will see that God is victorious.”

When dealing with the negative spiritual realm, we human beings alone do not have the capacity to overcome them. Remember they are spiritual entities with intelligence and powers, but what a whole lot of difference the name of Jesus makes.

  • When experiencing sleep paralysis: Notice how one can snap out with the mere mention of the name, Jesus. Also, Mama Mary’s name.
  • When experiencing a presence: Just say the words with conviction and faith, “In Jesus’ name, I bind you to the foot of the cross.”
  • When doing exorcism: How many times are the words, “Jesus commands you” are mentioned.

Last August, we celebrated the Transfiguration. Jesus was about to end His ministry and passion and death was nearing. He brought Peter, James, and John to witness to the mountain and He was transfigured in front of them.

Three lessons we can learn from the TRANSFIGURATION:

  1. God is victorious; He overcame death. The Transfiguration is a preview of what is to come – that Jesus will overcome death. He will suffer and he will die on the cross. But death is not the end. As Christians, death should not be feared. In fact, since we are all passing in this world, it should be something to which we should look forward. As long as we are always prepared, death should be the happiest moment in a person’s life.
  2. Sufferings are part of life. While Jesus could have certainly saved the world without the passion and dying on the cross, He showed us that part of life is suffering and death. Since it is God’s plan, there is a reason and purpose. Hence, for those who are presently carrying very heavy loads in life, be hopeful, everything has a purpose in life.
  3. Life Eternal. The appearance of Moses, representing the law, and Elijah, representing the prophets shows us that there is life eternal. While we go through this life on earth, always remember about Life Eternal. Certainly, our values and priorities will change when we think of life eternal.

In every Mass we pray that these three realities change not only our view of life, but also our appearance. We know this, when the heart is at peace, our appearance will be at peace. When there is joy in our heart, our appearance will radiate that through joy. May we always be reminded that: God is victorious; sufferings have a purpose and reason; and we are only passing by in this life.

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