Matthew 18: 15-20

When is a relationship worth saving? This is the question we ask ourselves when a relationship has gone astray. We all know this: people change, we change, circumstances change. We get hurt intentionally or unintentionally. When do we know it is time to say goodbye or give our all to save a relationship?

The Gospel talks about relationships and three things we can reflect on.

  1. Are both parties still into the relationship? It always takes two. What is the point in saving the relationship when one party is not into it anymore? Even God who loves us respects our free will. People will ask if God is good, why is there hell? God is good indeed but what if the other party does not accept and want His goodness?
  2. Are both parties willing to listen? Am I willing to put myself in the other person’s shoes just as the other person is willing to see my perspective? In other words, is there still openness not only to hear but to listen?
  3. Does the relationship still have God as the center? We all have different personalities and characters. Our priorities may change in time, but if the relationship brings us closer to God, then it is definitely worth saving. However, if one of the parties has another agenda in mind, then one is just using the other. Time to let go. 

In every Mass, we thank God for all the true friends in our lives. They are not a lot but they are so valuable that the relationship is worth saving as long as there is: the mutual respect, the humility to listen, and it is centered on God. On the other hand, to all the people whom we parted ways: They came into our lives for a reason and we parted ways for a reason as well.

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