Cleanliness from the Inside

It is said that we Filipinos are a mystery. We value cleanliness, yet look at our surroundings:

  • We will clean our own backyard but we will dump the garbage in public places.
  • We take a bath at least two times a day, even when it is winter, but look at the litter all over the place.
  • We love to eat, but look at how unhygienic our food can be.     

In the Gospel, Jesus talks about cleanliness. He says what is important is the inside of the person, because whatever is inside, will just come out eventually.

How to maintain cleanliness from the inside?

  1. Forgiveness. All of us get hurt, but we are all challenged to forgive. Otherwise, anger and unforgiveness will just affect all our relationships. Who wants to relate with a person who gets triggered by the smallest things and throws the anger to the people around them.
  2. Friends that we keep. There is a saying, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who YOU are.” There are people who are indeed toxic. When you are with them, you get emotionally drained. Have nothing to do with these type of people. 
  3. Always be hopeful. Life is 90 percent attitude. We can look at a glass half empty, and complain that we lost half of the water already, or we can look at it as half full, and be grateful that we have water. One can be bitter about life when it is not fair or just roll with the punches and just be grateful for each moment. After all, we have a God who is in control.

In every Mass, we remember that a clean person is far from sickness, whether that be in our body or of the soul.

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