Insensitive People

Who among us does not have family or friends or officemates that are insensitive? 

  • Here you are trying to find comfort and consolation because of a big problem, yet your friend talks about her vacation
  • Here you are dealing with death and your sibling talks about the division of properties
  • Here you are dealing with sickness and yet your officemate talks about the project

Who among us does not know of a person who is insensitive?

In the Gospel, Jesus talks about His passion and death. Certainly, a very painful and difficult topic. Yet, what do James and John, sons of Zebedee, talk about? Being seated at the right hand and the left hand of the Father.

Three things when dealing with insensitive people:

  1. Acceptance. There are people who are about “Me, myself, and I.” You cannot change them but you can change your attitude towards them. There is certainly something lacking in their lives that makes them self- centered. In other words, the challenge to be more understanding and accepting.
  2. There is a time to keep quiet and a time to speak up. Insensitive people can be emotionally draining. Hence, there are times to just let the words said enter one ear and leave the other. But then there are times to speak up. In the Gospel, Jesus reminds us that the truly greatest are those who serve.
  3. Introspection. It is so easy to pinpoint the shortcomings of other people. But are we aware of our own shortcomings? For all we know we too can be insensitive as well.

In every Mass,

  • Let us be sensitive to the many blessings and miracles of God in our lives.
  • Let us be sensitive to the plight of other people, especially those who have less in life.
  • Let us remember that in our desire for greatness, it is not about me, myself, and I but it is about others.

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