Value of Life

There is a sad saying that “Everyone has a price.” Some are expensive, some are cheap but everyone has a price. This is a sad way of looking at us human beings, but if you look at life now, it is all about money. How powerful then, are the words of Christ: “What profit is it for a person to gain the whole world but lose his soul.”

Three things we should know when money is taking over our lives:

  1. Broken relationships. Money is a very good servant but a terrible master. When he becomes master, many relationships are broken, regardless of whether the person is family, spouse, best friend, or business partner. Money comes first.
  2. It is the one that motivates us. When we do things, is it because we are following Christ? Is it because we want to help out others? Or is it because there is something in return. In other words, we do things because of money.
  3. We lose our moral compass. When we look at people as an object already, when we do not care that what we are doing is wrong, when we deceive people already then we have lost our moral compass.

In closing we pray that we may have the proper perspectives when it comes to money in our lives, that are:

  • May we use it to bless other people.
  • May we be reminded always that God cannot be outdone in generosity
  • Eventually the money will be left behind. What will bring us to the next life is the goodness we have shown.

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