One thing that human beings need is appreciation. Why? We human beings need to be valued. When our confidence is down due to all the challenges of life, an appreciation will work wonders. Further, appreciation deepens relationships. 

Studies show that in the office, one of the ways to keep your employees is to show appreciation. Hence, many awards are given – longevity, productivity, attendance, and punctuality, etc. Then there are the informal ways of showing appreciation like a kind word, a smile, and ordering pizza for the group.

In the Gospel, Jesus lamented that no profit is without honor in his own town. But even with the lack of appreciation, he still goes on with the mission. Just like a mother and father, who still serve the family even when they are not appreciated. In other words, Mission first.

Three things we remember when we experience lack of appreciation.

  1. God sees everything. People may not appreciate the things you do but continue to be faithful to your mission. In the end, what really matters is how we have used our time, talent, and treasure to serve others. 
  2. Love what you are doing. When we do the things we love and that makes us happy, this already brings us joy and satisfaction. 
  3. Be the first to appreciate others. While we being appreciated is a human need, if we have not received it, then we could give it. Eventually, if done with sincerity, the appreciation will all come back to us.

In the Mass, we pray that we may continue to be faithful to the mission God has given us. There are difficult days, there are rough days, and there are stormy days and the appreciation is not there. Nevertheless, we pray for the strength to go on. After all, God sees everything, we love the things we do and we can be the giver of appreciation instead of the receiver.  

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