Hope in Hopelessness

What do you do when your worst fear happens? For a parent, the chronic sickness of a child; For lovers, betrayal of one party; For business partners, one party takes the money and runs away; For friends, one party tells your deepest secrets to other people; On our personal life, we put our time, treasure and talent to our dreams and these dreams turn out to be a nightmare. While we do not wish to end our life, how often do we think that if I am not here anymore, if life will be better?

Every now and then we experience “Hopelessness.” What do mass readings tell us on how to deal with this difficult reality:

  1. Rely on the Lord. The first reading reminds us of the words of Prophet Jeremiah: “Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord.” Simply put, in this life, all is passing, all is changing, nothing is permanent but only God is constant. Never forget when times are difficult the power of prayer, the Holy presence of God in the Mass and Adoration chapel, continue to do good, and the spiritual benefits of fasting.
  2. All is Passing. We came into this world with nothing, we are leaving this world with nothing. St. Paul in the second reading reminds us that there is eternal life. Hence, life will always challenge us to let go, say goodbye. It is hard but that is part of life. Everything has a time, a season and a purpose under heaven.
  3. Pick up your cross. Many people go to God to take away the storms in life and at times God accedes. But often, he does not. What he does is that he gives us the strength to face the many storms in life. The Gospel reminds us that life is and will never be easy. But God will never abandon us.

That is why my dear friends, especially those who are experiencing hopeless, let us put our trust on God. His time, his ways, his wisdom is different from ours, but he knows what is best.

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