Impossible Situations

How often do we find ourselves in a situation that we do not know what to do? We feel that the problem is bigger than our skills and talents. In one of the most popular Gospel readings, the apostles, specifically Philip, was faced with a seemingly impossible situation – how to feed thousands of people? 

Three things we can remember:

  1. Trust God. The Gospel reminds us that situations wherein we find ourselves helpless are really “tests” from God. Hence, if it is a test, be assured that God will never abandon us nor will he leave us. That is why always remain hopeful, this is all part of God’s plan and He will figure out a way to solve the situation.
  2. Never Underestimate Generosity. While most of the people did not have food, here comes a boy with five barley loaves and two fishes. Next miracle, he is willing to donate it. In the eyes of a human being, how can this feed thousands of people?  
  3. Give Thanks. No matter how small a blessing, always give thanks and be generous. Look at what happened to the five loaves – thousands were fed and there was still so much leftover with 12 wicker baskets filled. 

In the Mass, we bring to the Lord the situations of our lives that seem impossible.

  • First, let us trust that he has a plan even when we see nothing is happening.
  • Second, count your blessings and miracles as a reminder that God is working.
  • Third, regardless of how hard the situation, always give thanks and be generous. We realize that God cannot be outdone in generosity because with him nothing is impossible.

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