Two Masters

Who is really most important to us in life? Is it God or is it money? While people will always say “God”, actions often speak louder than words. When people are asked why they have their businesses blessed, the response is “to be lucky.” In other words, the blessing is meant to bring money. No wonder, how many stores will you see that on one corner, you see the Sto. Niño and on the other corner, a frog with a coin in the mouth and on the other corner, a pussy cat with hands that go up and down. How often do we go to God because of money?

In the Gospel, we are often told, one cannot have two masters: love and money. Eventually, one will love one and despise the other. 

Three things we should remember to help us put money in its proper place:

  1. It has limitations. It could buy one person a very nice bed, but it does not guarantee a nice sleep. It can buy a person the best food, but it cannot guarantee appetite. It can bring you to the best places, but it does not guarantee heaven. 
  2. Broken relations. How many relationships have been broken because of money? How many of us will be surprised by what people can do because of money?
  3. How much money do we need. We think the more that we have, the happier we will become. But why are the richest countries in the world not the happiest?

In the Mass we are all challenged to:

  • Be reminded that God is a God who provides. He has given us a call and lent us talent so that we can provide for ourselves.
  • Trust in God. When we are in crisis, we always try to figure out the solution. Remember that God is in control and He knows the big picture.
  • On the practical side, whenever one has a petition, the bible tells us it always comes in three: pray, fast and almsgiving.

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