Good Times, Bad Times

There is a story of a king and his aide. The king accidentally cut his finger and the only thing the aide had to say was, “God is good.” Thinking that the aide was mocking him, the king had the aide jailed. 

A few months after, the king decided to take the horse to go for a ride to the forest. As the king was going deep to the forest, he encountered a tribe who caught him. The intention was to offer him to the gods when they notice that he lacked one finger. Because of this, he was set free because he was not a worthy offering. 

As soon as arrived back to the castle, he had his aide freed and told him what happened. Upon hearing the story, all the aide could say was that “God is good.” The king was surprised. “I jailed you for months and this is all you have to say?” Then the aide explained why. He said, “If you did not have me jailed, I would have gone with you to the forest. We would have been both caught. Since my fingers are complete and yours are not, I would have been dead. See, God is good.”

In the Lenten Gospels, Jesus knew he would be betrayed, undergo the passion and eventually die on the cross. Yet he would still say, “God is good.”

When times are hard, difficult and stormy, how can we find the goodness of the Lord?

  1. First, all happens for a reason. While we are going through the storm, obviously we feel like we are in the dark. Hence never lose hope. A few years after when we look back we realize at least there was a reason and purpose.
  2. Second, Lessons are Learned. When we hit rock bottom, we get to be more reflective of life. We realize what is important and what is passing and unimportant. It is when life is difficult, do we realize the more important lessons in life. These lessons are what carry out throughout life.
  3. Third, True Friends. Such is life. When times are good, there are many people around us. Obviously, these are the “fair weather” friends. Try hitting rock bottom and you can count with your fingers how many true friends you have. It is a rude awakening but better to know earlier than later.

That is why in every Mass we realize that life is like the weather: there are sunny days and there are gloomy days; there are beautiful days and there are storms. We can never be in control but God is. Hence even in the most difficult times, remember that God is good. All we have to do is remain hopeful and strong, after night comes day.

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