In everyday conversation, one of the things people complain about is the traffic. The sheer volume of cars is one thing and the driving habits are another thing. Someone was buying bibingka and parked his car literally in the middle of the street. One would ask oneself: “Are the vehicle’s hazard lights a signal to park anywhere?” Then there is the smoke belcher, there is the litterbug, there is the one who drives very slow and there is the one who drives very fast. 

Think about it: the traffic is just one aspect of life. We have not touched about relationships, finances, politics, religion, world events… and the list continues.

That is why the words of Christ are so relevant and significant: “Come to me all you who labor and I will give you rest.”

And three things can be done:

  1. Prayer and Meditation: Be still and know that I am God. The sisters of Mother Teresa stay longer at the Blessed Sacrament when they know that the day will be a more hectic one. In other words, “The bigger the call, the more we need to go back to God.” This was something the apostles would see in Jesus. He would always go up the mountain to pray.
  2. Doing God’s Mission: All of us have a mission from the Lord. When we are faithful to this mission God will always help us out. As the saying goes, it is God’s call and God will make sure his plan will come to fulfillment even though it seems impossible. Hence, one can just say to oneself, “I will just do what I have to do and God will take care of the rest.”
  3. Simplify Life: For us to do so, may it be clear to us what is important in life and what is fleeting; what is passing and what is essential. Then we just stick with what is important in life. Especially nowadays, while technology has afforded us to do so many things at the same time, it doesn’t mean to say that our lives have become more meaningful and fruitful.

In closing let me share a quote that could give us strength: “If God can change night to day, He can change our burden into blessings.”

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