Giving is Life

The person who is perhaps the most giving in the world is none other than our mothers. Mothers are always giving. In fact, we arrived in this world because of Mothers. Notice the term used is “giving birth.” Because of Giving, we have life.

In the Gospel, someone gave seven loaves of bread and few fishes. But what good is that to thousands of people? A lot, because with God nothing is impossible. Thousands were able to eat and there were even a lot of leftovers.

Three reflections about giving and life:

  1. Winston Churchill: “We make a living with what we earn and we make a life with what we give.” Truly, one only puts meaning and fulfillment in life when one gives. People need people and the source of happiness according to a 75-year old researcher is relationships. Part of any relationship is giving.
  2. Zig Ziglar: “Life is an echo. Everything comes back: What you send, returns; What you sow, you reap; What you give, you get.” Even Jesus said 30-fold, 60-fold, 100-fold, the blessings come back.
  3. Anne Frank: “No one ever became poor because of giving.” We think it is a loss to give when the opposite is very much true. 

In every Mass, we realize that the Lord cares. He knows what we are going through: from healing to food, with him nothing is impossible. Hence the challenge is whether in good times or difficult times; whether in plenty or in simplicity; whether in sickness or in health to always give thanks to God. 

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