Doing Good

One of the biggest challenges in our everyday lives is to make a decision. Not just any decision, but the right decision. That is why some of our Christian brothers and sisters would even go to the extent of consulting occult practitioners (tarot cards, psychics, horoscope, etc.) for answers. Notice the seduction of the occult: one can get fast answers, and spiritual beings are powerful; though they cannot predict the future, some information can be accurate. But we are all warned that we should not have other “gods.” And divination is consulting other “gods.”

What then is the Christian approach? In the Gospel Jesus, before choosing his 12 disciples, went to the mountain for prayer. In other words, He went to God in prayer.

When making a decision, three things we can do:

  1. Prayer. We are here because God has a plan and a mission for each of us. Hence, he knows what is best for us. The best way to know his plan and mission for us is to be in prayer. While there is a time for talking, there should also be a time for listening – “Be still and know that I am God.” And “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”
  2. Seek First the Kingdom of God. To make the right decision, it is essential to know what is important in life: Is it about the money? Is it about my career? Is it about the family? Is it about my dream? Or is it about the “Will of God.” If there are other things that are more important than God in our lives, we will never get the right answer to our prayers. We have to make a choice, is it what we want or what God wants?
  3. Peace. How do you know if one has made the right decision? There is always peace amidst chaos, uncertainty and seemingly impossible situations. In the bible, whenever God calls all the prophets, they gave their reasons why they should not be the one: “I am too young,” “ I do not have the credibility,” “I do not know what to say,” “There are people that are better than me,” One prophet even said, “I am too short.” Because it is God who calls, he will be the one to provide. 

In every Mass, we take time out for the many cares of the world. It is me and God. We take time to pray: Mother Teresa once said: “Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God.” With so much worry, fear, anxiety, and restlessness in the world today, prayer is our best recourse because we want to do it right.

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