Grief and God’s Plan

Luke 24: 13-35

How many of us have to deal with dreams or plans that never come true?

  • Miss A is perpetually in search of love but could not find Mr. Right. “Am I not lovable?”
  • Mr. A has been bypassed again for a promotion which he feels he likely deserves. “Is there is something wrong with me?”
  • Miss B is the head of a project in her office which does not take off; hence she deals with failure.
  • Mr. B’s two children seem to have grown up not the way he wanted them to be. 

In the Gospel of Luke, two disciples had to deal with Grief and Failure. They gave their time, talent and treasure to the Lord and His ministry and what happens – HE is nailed on the cross. 

How do we deal with Grief and Failure?

  1. Prayer. When we deal with grief and failure the feeling is that we are all alone. The feeling is that we are all alone not knowing where to go. But remember the imagery of Jesus journeying with the two disciples in grief and dealing with failure. Further, it was through prayer that Jesus was recognized.
  2. Never Lose Hope, God has a Better Plan. Surely our plan did not work out. But how sure are we that our plan is the best? How sure are we that our plan will be most beneficial not only for ourselves but also for the people around us? The two disciples plan was to see a strong earthly king in Jesus. God has a bigger and much better plan – Jesus rising from the dead.
  3. Lesson Learned. The best teacher in life is experience. We learn best in defeat and seeming failures. Surely, dealing with grief, worry and anxiety is the emotion that is most experienced but beneath these, there are lessons to be learned.

In closing, let me share with you a very beautiful quote:

Someday, all events in our lives will make perfect sense. For now, let us smile at the confusion, laugh through the tears and know that everything happens for a reason. Let us trust God that from the greatest troubles come our best rewards!

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