Is Mercy a Vanishing Reality?

John 20: 19-31

If there is one thing that is seemingly being lost in today’s society, it is none other than MERCY or “Kahabagan” in Tagalog.

Once, there was a rich person who decided to dress up as a poor person and went begging. He wanted to know what it was like to beg. After a few days of begging, he came to the conclusion that the most difficult part of begging is that people did not give money or just gave little money. The most difficult was when passersby did not mind the beggar at all. In other words, as if the beggar did not exist.

My dear friends, there is a saying, people need people. But:

  • When we do not care for the people around us, how can we know what they are going through? 
  • When we do not care for the people around us, how can we know their struggles and pain? 
  • When we do not care for the people around us, how can we show mercy?

The Lord told Sr. Faustina that on Divine Mercy Sunday, His mercy is even more.

Three of the mercies of God:

  1. He desires our eternal life.  We are only passing by in this life. God is in control of our lives. Hence, he will do everything and anything so that we may have life eternal.
  2. God always provides. We came into this world with nothing and we are leaving this world with nothing. Hence all that we have is a blessing. The only way we can feel this blessing whether in plenty and simplicity is to be grateful, to be contented and to be generous.
  3. There are no unhappy unending. After the death of Christ, many of the disciples thought that it was the end of Christ. They did not understand what Christ meant by resurrection. Hence, they were sad, fearful and at a lost. In fact, they did not even recognize him. We pray that in the many trials in life not to lose hope. God is truly alive!

Jesus said to Sr. Faustina: “The more you trust in me completely, the stronger is my mercy.” But then again, as we have experienced Mercy from God, have we too blessed others with Mercy?

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