Where Your Heart Is

John 3: 1-8

Jesus once said that “Where your heart is, there will be your treasure.” In other words, what is most important to a person is most likely what is to pursue. 

What could it be?

  • Money? As long as you have all the basics in life, money in the bank is more than just a number. It could give a sense of security but it will never give joy. 
  • Health? Perhaps, health is wealth so they say. But nature will eventually take its course.
  • Family? They are the most important relationships. But each has their own life to live eventually. 
  • Position or status in life? It is a label and labels do not bring happiness.

Hence, the invitation is to put our heart where it is most important – Eternal life. Jesus said one must be “Born from Above. Born of water and born of the Spirit.” In other words, to be “Born Again.”

Hence, three reflections on three terminologies:

  • Water symbolizes cleansing. All of us have sinned and when acknowledged that one is a sinner, conversion follows. The feast of the Divine Mercy reminds us that God’s mercy is greater than any sin, mistakes, and even death.
  • Spirit symbolizes renewal – because on one hand, life is ever-changing and on the other hand, we make mistakes, we commit sins, and we make wrong decisions. There is the need for renewal.     
  • Being Born Again is the desire to make one’s life closer to God. One cannot say that his or her relationship with God is already okay. It is like exercise, the moment one stops, the old body returns.

We remember that life is short, death is certain, and eternal life is a promise. Hence, to always remind our goal that it is not of the things of this world that matters, but that of eternal life. 

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