The Secret of True Wealth

Matthew 25: 14-30

Deng Xiaoping once said, “To get rich is glorious.” Indeed it is for many people. Hence, the desire to get rich. In fact, some want even to fast track their way to material wealth. Indeed the lure of houses, money, cars, and properties are so enticing. Why is money so alluring? Because it is always equated with happiness, security, and control. We think we will have fewer problems if we have money. 

Hence, in the Gospel Jesus easily caught the attention of his audience when he said, “For to everyone who has, more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away.”

What Jesus is talking here is not of the earthly wealth but of the heavenly wealth. How do we attain such?

  1. Where your heart is there will be your treasure: What is really most important in life? Will this matter in the life eternal? A friend shared to me their experience while driving home. Suddenly appeared a car headed towards them. From that point out he knew he was not in control. How they escaped, he said it was Divine Providence. Moral of the story – any time all of these can be taken away from us.
  2. The many things that count in life cannot be counted: At the end of all of our journeys on earth, only one thing matters – how we touch other people’s lives. This is the summary of all the eulogies we have heard. 
  3. What is the purpose of my life? All of us are here on earth because we have a purpose and a mission. If you look at that purpose and mission, it all boils down to one thing – service. The vocation of Christ, I came to serve and not to be served. 

This is the reality of heavenly wealth, it is never stolen, it never depreciates, it is never left behind – it goes with us all the way to heaven. Indeed, how true are the words of Christ, to the one who has true wealth, more shall be given.

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