Giving Christ a Chance

It is said that one of the greatest sources of motivation is man’s Pursuit of Happiness. We make decisions, we make plans, we work, we make friends and we buy things…all for us to be able to experience happiness.

It is also a common experience of man to try to find happiness through material things. However, the reality is that when it comes to material things, the entertainment is fleeting and passing. 

In the Gospel, there is the story of Zacchaeus the tax collector. He had lots of money, yet was searching for something more in life. That is why when Jesus asked to stay in his house, Zacchaeus was overjoyed. 

Three reflections we learn from Zacchaeus: 

  1. Money is not everything. As it was then, so it is now. Money can never buy happiness. In fact, when the pursuit of money becomes the priority, it can be the cause of being lost in life. 
  2. God is looking for us. The story of Zacchaeus reminds us that God is searching for us – “Zacchaeus hurry down I mean to stay in your house today.” Many times when feel like saying, “God, where are you?” God is perpetually searching for us.
  3. Learn to let go. When one has God in his life he or she realizes what is important and what is fleeting, what is essential and what is passing. Hence, Zacchaeus was able to share what he first taught was most important in life. “Lord I give half of my belongings to the poor. And if I have defrauded anyone I will pay him back 4 fold.” 

Hence we remember the saying, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”

This can happen if we are:

  • first, faithful to the Mission God has given us
  • second, doing what is right and what is good
  • third, love God and love of neighbor

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