When good things happen to good people, we tell ourselves that they are being blessed by God. When bad things happen to bad people, we just say they are just reaping what they saw. But what do we say when bad things happen to good people?

Zechariah and Elizabeth were righteous in the eyes of God. For the longest time, they were praying for a child. When the time came for them to have a child, as announced by Angel Gabriel, they were already advanced in age. When Zechariah did not believe, he was dumbfounded. Why do bad things happen to good people?

Three reflections:

  1. We people look at things that happen to us only based on two things: good luck or bad luck. But how are we to judge what is good luck or bad luck? For example, when one wins the lotto, we say it is good luck, but after winning the lotto the family is broken because of greed? On the other hand, we say that someone who gets sick is bad luck. However, what if the person fixes his relationships with God and his family and died in peace?
  2. More than good luck or bad luck, let us remember that all things happen for a reason or a purpose because God has a plan. A spiritual writer reflected by Zechariah struck dumb? Remember he was old and waited for a long time. When the good news came that he will be a father, he was struck dumb so that he can reflect on this great blessing. He can only reflect when he is quiet and not talking. All happen for a reason.
  3. Life is unpredictable. We can accept that a person got jailed because he committed a crime; We can accept a person got cancer because he smoked or she used birth control pills; We can accept a person lost his money because of Gambling. What is very hard is what if we feel we don’t deserve it? After loving your husband, he still is unfaithful? After trusting your friend, she still steals from your business? After working very hard, you are not still given the break? Life is unpredictable, the key is knowing the will and plan.

That is why we always keep in mind:

  • Like Zechariah, never lose hope in our prayers. God will answer them.
  • Like Zechariah, continue to be strong when life seems unfair.
  • Like Zechariah, may we continue to see God’s hands working in our lives.

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