During his time on earth, many people travelled with Jesus. Most likely they wanted to hear something, they wanted to ask for something, they wanted material blessings, or they were curious or amazed by his fame, and power to heal and do miracles and blessings.

True to form and in a very straightforward way, Jesus reminded the people who followed him and wanted to be his disciples, of five important criteria.

  • He said, while family is very important, God should be given priority. 
  • He said we all have our sicknesses and pains in life. If God does not heal, it does not mean God does not love that person. If there is no healing of sickness or pain, it only means something very important in discipleship – Carry our crosses in life. 
  • He said, that all of us have plans in this life, yet it should be the best that should prevail – God’s plan for us. Hence, a disciple should not hate his life. 
  • He said, while possessions are very important, they should not possess us. In fact, a disciple should only trust God in all things. 
  • Lastly, He said a disciple goes all the way: obstacles, pains, loneliness, uncertainty, persecution. He endures and does not quit. 

Certainly, when Christ mentioned all of these, many people were shocked. It is so hard to follow God. It is so hard to be a disciple.

Yet, here is the mystery and beauty of life. A disciple focuses not on earth but on life eternal. Hence, he is constantly reminded, of what is important and what is fleeting. Living life to the fullest, he is constantly reminded to make this world a better place to live in by being the salt of the earth and the light of the world. He is constantly reminded to be a blessing to others and be blessed in the process. He lives life with faith, hope, and charity even if the world is darkened by evil. 

Hence, when we realize that we have only one life, who do we follow? 

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