It is the desire of everyone to be happy. In fact, all of us are in pursuit of happiness. That is why we always hear the words, “Whatever makes you happy.”

However, the sad reality is that when we are happy, there are people who are not. There are people who want to steal happiness away from us.

This is the common experience of Jesus in the Gospel. One example is when the Pharisees questioned why Jesus’ disciples were eating and the disciples of the others were fasting.

Three sources of happiness from the Gospel that no one can take away from us:

  1. Jesus said, “Can one fast while the bridegroom is still around?” In other words, can one be lonely when God is still around? How can we find joy even in the most difficult of times? We remember the words of St. Teresa of Avila: “Do not fear, do not doubt, all is passing and all is fleeting but only God is constant”.
  2. Do things from the heart. Fasting is difficult, but when one knows the blessings of fasting, then it becomes a meaningful experience. Not only is fasting good for our prayer life and discipline, but according to science, it is very good for healing.
  3. Everything has a proper time. In the Gospel, Jesus said that his disciples are happy because he is with them, but a time will come when he will not be with them. Hence, there is a time for hello and a time for goodbye. Be ready to hold on and be ready to let go. Everything has a proper time.

Today we remember, whether we are fasting or feasting, whether it is hello or goodbye, whether we are up or down, God is with us and there will always be a reason to be grateful and happy.

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