When I was a newly ordained priest, my parish priest told me to give priority to couples celebrating their 25th and 50th anniversaries. Further, he explained why. We live in a world that is so consumeristic – when a new item comes along, we dump the old one. Sadly, it influences our relationships. Hence, with couples celebrating long years of being together, we want to show the younger generation that faithfulness is achievable.

This is often the message of the Gospel – faithfulness. As children of God, especially in marriage, this faithfulness should become a reality.

For today, we reflect on marriage. With the family being the most basic of all social units, the condition of the marriage is typically the condition of the family. Hence, three prayers:

  • For marriage and families that are together. May you continue to grow and be stronger amidst all the challenges of life. May you continue to put God in the center of your livers. We remember the words of Fr. Patrick Peyton – “a family that prayers together, stays together”.
  • For marriage and families that are undergoing difficulty. May you remember that everything happens for a reason and a purpose and what cannot break us will only make us stronger. With God’s help may you be able to go through this crisis.
  • For broken marriages and family. May you be able to forgive even if the other party is not asking for forgiveness. It is for us that we may move on, let go and remove the hurt and also for the next generation not to be dragged into the fight.

In closing, let me share with you a quote:

Families are like branches on the tree. We grow in different directions yet our roots remain one. Hence always honor your father and mother.

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