Priests in Crisis

One of the sad realities in the Church is that there are priests who are not faithful to their promises when they were ordained: celibacy, simplicity, and obedience. These three are meant to counteract the three realities of today’s world.

  • The reality of Simplicity is meant to counteract Greed
  • The reality of Obedience is meant to counteract Individualism
  • The reality of Celibacy is meant to counteract Unfaithfulness.

The actual reality is, these three are interrelated. When one is compromised, the other two are affected. 

For example, if a priest enters into an affair, simplicity is also compromised because the lifestyle is different. The plans are also different because it is not anymore the vocation of the priesthood that is followed. 

In the Gospel, Jesus reserves the harshest words to the hypocrites. He lambasted the teachers of the law and the Pharisees for the double life.

Hence, for our priests, three things we can do:

  1. Pray for them. In the spiritual realm, it is said that the first attack of the devil is on the bishops and the priests. Why? When the priests and the bishops fall, many people are affected, hurt, disappointed, and disillusioned. 
  2. Support them. Priests are not only spiritual beings but also material beings. Support the priests but not to the point of spoiling them. Support the priests but not to the point of giving them a lifestyle they are not used to. Remember we have a promise of simplicity and many of the priests come from families of Economic Class C, D, and E.
  3. Fraternally Correct Them. Humanly speaking, if we can get away with something, we will do it. It only takes one small act to start a scandal and a double life. In the process, people notice a change in the life of the priest. People notice a change in the attitude of the priest. The sad thing is that they talk about it among themselves but they do not tell the priest. We also need to know the inconvenient truth. We too are sheep who go astray. 

In each Mass, we continue to pray for priests. In closing let me share with you a humorous poem about being a priest:


If he begins his Mass in time, his watch is fast;
If he begins a minute late, he keeps people waiting!
If he preaches too long, he makes people bored;
If he has a short homily, he is unprepared!
If he owns a car, he is luxurious;
If he does not own one, he is not with the times!
If he visits families, he is always out;
If he does not, he has no concern for them!
If he asks for donations, he is a moneymaker;
If he does not, he is too proud and lazy!
If he takes time in the confessional, he is too slow;
If he makes it fast, he has no time for his penitents!
If he renovates the Church, he throws away money;
If he does not, he has no initiative!
If he works with the elderly, he is old fashioned;
If he is with youth, he is flighty and mod!
If he is seen with women, he is a playboy,
If he goes only with men, he is immature!
If he is young, he has no experience,
If he is old. he should retire!
As long as he lives…………
There are always people who are better than him!


In the meantime,

Pray for him, support him and correct him.

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