Boldness in Doing Good

Nowadays it seems that those who are doing sinful things are very bold. What are the headlines? The lies, the scandals, pornography, killings, and decadent lifestyle. Have we really changed our values system? 

I remember the older generation saying, “Nevermind if we live a simple lifestyle, nevermind if the food that we eat is simple, as long as our life is noble. The money that we use is not stolen.”

That train of thought has changed quite a bit. Nowadays, it is “Nevermind how you got the money as long as you enjoy the best things in life”.

Now more than ever, the message of the Gospel is so appropriate: Be Bold in doing what is right because God is with you!

Three things we should be reminded of for us to be proclaimers of the truth.

  1. Our lives should be a testimony of the truth. In our families, in the offices that we work, in the parish that we are with, and in all the people that we encounter, we can bring hope and inspiration. No need to broadcast the good things being done, as people have ways of finding out and discovering.
  2. Support your Church. If there is one institution that the devil would like to bring down, it is the Catholic Church. People may not want to hear what they say, but they still listen. It is composed of human beings, who sin and have imperfections, but the guidance of God is unquestionable. Best way to attack it is from within: Bishops versus bishops, Priests versus priests, and the clergy versus the laity.
  3. Prayer. In all the apparitions of Mama Mary, she would always talk about the power of the Mass, the power of prayer, and the power of fasting and almsgiving. Indeed if we want change in the world, it should start with me.  

That is why in the Mass we pray that we opt for a meaningful life and not an easy life. Sure it is easiest not to get involved. I just mind my own business and just go about what has to be done. Why get involved when it can be difficult?

We remember the words, “All it needs for evil to prevail is for the good people to keep quiet.”

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