The Secret to Eternal Life

Often people who have had a relative or a loved one who passed away will query about their experience with their deceased loved one before passing away. “Kausap niya ang aming lolo or lola na pumanaw na rin naman.” 

While science and medicine would have an explanation for what we usually call “Pagsusundo,”  it still does not discount the fact that:

  • The visions are about relatives and close friends, not unknown people
  • The relatives and close friends are consistently the ones who have passed away and not the ones who are still on earth. 

Looking at this experience in the eyes of faith, I would rather explain “Pagsusundo” as a very human endeavor. When I first went to America, being a new place and new experience, I had relatives in America meet me at the airport. As I journeyed into the unknown, it is so comforting to see family and familiar faces. Hence, isn’t this the way it is when someone is transitioning to the Eternal Life? It is so comforting to be accompanied by familiar faces and loved ones.

My dear friends, this is just but one testimony that there is indeed Eternal Life and the Gospel tells us how to attain it.

  • First, it is kindness that we show not only to family and friends but also to the people that we do not know. This reminds us that all our lives are interconnected.
  • Second, the kindness we show often does not cost much, i.e. visiting the sick and the prisoned, a glass of water, food, a smile and a kind word, opening the door for someone, offering a seat
  • Third, the kindness we show is not limited to a certain time or place. There is an opportunity to do good and God sees it all.

St. Philip Neri once said, “I prefer Heaven.” And Heaven starts now – the kindness that we show other people. When we show kindness we not only make a difference in other people’s lives, we make a big difference in our lives.

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