The Truth Will Set You Free

John 8: 31-42

One program that is very successful in treating alcoholism is the program Alcoholics Anonymous. It is said that for a person who wants to be healed, the most basic requirement for the alcoholic is to admit that he or she needs help. No denial, no justification, no blaming. Just plain and simple, “I need help.”

Here is a very simple but very powerful example of the saying, “The truth shall set you free.” The very words of Jesus to the Jews during his time are the very words of Jesus to us.

For us to be free from sin, here are three of the many lies of Satan and how the truth can set us free.

  1. There is no Devil. Hence our sins are only because we are not imperfect. The sins of the priests are simply because they are human and not because they are the very first targets of the devil because when a priest falls, so many people get hurt. Hence, no need to pray, no need to fast, and no need to do good because there is no spiritual warfare to speak of.
  2. There is no Hell. If we have a God who is love, why will he bring us to hell? This means to say that whatever we do, we will all go to heaven. You can do the worst sins and still go to heaven.
  3. Just Say Jesus is Lord and You Will be Saved. We have been told that faith alone is what matters. Never mind if Jesus said that on the last day the sheep will be separated from the goats. “Whatever you do to the least of your brethren you do unto me.”

We thank God because of the gift of faith. But we all know for this faith to deepen it has to be tested. One of the biggest tests is to know the TRUTH. With Satan as the prince of lies, we always ask the Holy Spirit to guide us to truth, some of which are: while there is evil and there is hell, we have a God who loves us and wants us to share this love with others.

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