Meaningful Death

Once I attended a wake. While the relatives were very sad that their mother passed away, their greatest consolation was that she was prepared.

  • She picked the dress that she would wear in the coffin.
  • She had a list of priests who would celebrate Mass for her for the three days of viewing.
  • She picked five people who would do the Eulogy.
  • Her estate was already transferred to the heirs.
  • She was able to hear Mass, go to confession, and had the holy oil administered before she passed away.

My dear friends, while death is a certainty, many of us still fear death. We don’t want to talk about it. In fact, we even deny it. Someone once said that for us to have a meaningful death, we should have lived a meaningful life.

In the Gospel, Jesus knew that death was just around the corner. He gives us three things we should not forget in life to have a meaningful death.

  1. The seed only bears fruits when it dies. Think about the many Filipinos who have to go abroad for their family to have better lives. The loneliness, the hard-working condition, different culture, different food, and different weather. All these sacrifices for the family. 
  2. Hating Life. This is not meant that one gets angry with the world. This only means that one has to learn to LET GO. This includes Material Things, Negative Emotions, and People who are not helpful and are toxic. 
  3. Service. All of us have our own call. This call is meant for us to serve. That is why we all have time, talent, and treasure.  As long as we have people who serve, we have hope.

Hence, in every Mass, three things we remember, especially when life’s burden seems too heavy:

  • We are reminded to trust God at all times.
  • Jesus also carried his cross. Thus, be hopeful even in difficult times.
  • The Gospel reminds us to continue to do good even in times of crisis. That is to serve, let go and love, and sacrifice.

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