Once there was this dog who fell into a deep well. The villagers suggested many ways how to save the dog. Finally, the wise man of the town suggested getting shovels. Upon the return of the villagers with their shovels, they got surprised by the suggestion of the village wise man, “Shovel dirt and throw it into the well.”

Without knowing a better option, they followed his instructions apprehensively. At first, they heard the dog barking hard. After some minutes though the dog became quiet. After some time, the villagers stopped shoveling and decided to peep into the well. To their surprise, they saw the dog very much alive persistently crawling itself out of the soil!

The moral of the story:
With persistence, we can be rescued from being buried by the burdens in life.

This, too, is the message of the Gospel in life – even in prayer be persistent. Three reflections on why we have to be persistent:

  1. With persistence in prayer, we get to know God more. Part of any relationship is communication. When we pray, we not only talk to God, but we also listen. If done every moment, then this relationship deepens. When the relationship deepens, the more we trust God. Persistent prayers give us the opportunity to know God.
  2. With persistence in prayer, we get to know God’s plan. As human beings, we can be impatient. Why is God not answering our prayers? Be assured that God answers all prayers: “Yes,” if it is meant; “No,” because God has a better plan; and “not yet,” because God knows when is best. Persistent prayers teach us to wait and trust.
  3. With persistence in prayer, we realize our nothingness. As human beings, we can be proud once we have seen our accomplishments. We, too, can be arrogant when we have so many blessings. But then again, prayer reminds us that the source of all blessings is the Lord. We came into this world with nothing and we are leaving this world with nothing. Persistent prayer reminds us to always connect to the source of all blessings.

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