Ups and Downs of Life

Luke 13: 10-17

How often have we heard people say, “You cannot predict life.” One day life is good, the next moment, all the challenges in life. Or one day life is difficult, then with an expected twist, suddenly life is good.

In St. Luke’s Gospel, people were so amazed at how a demon was driven out. Yet, there was Jesus talking about his passion and eventual death on the Cross. 

This scene reminds us of a reality of life – sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. Hence in a life where nothing is certain, three things we remember:

  1. All Things in Life are Passing: There is nothing permanent in the world. Sometimes life is good, sometimes it is not. Sometimes life is rough, at times it is smooth. At times is bright and there are times that it is gloomy.
  2. Everything happens for a reason. Trust the wisdom of God. He is the creator of the universe. Everything is under His control. Hence, when things happen to us which are difficult and hard to bear, instead of asking “Why,?” best to ask “What?” “What” Lord are you telling me in a situation like this.
  3. Strength. What cannot break us will only make us stronger. Ask the many tough people you know in life. They will swear that they are not spared by the ups and downs of life. They have their own fair share of challenges. Yet, they persevered and held on to God.

May we realize that we do not know what life has to offer us, only God does. Hence, let us trust God at all times.

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