Public Opinion

John 7: 40-53

One of the favorite pastimes of people is talking about other people’s lives. Even Jesus was not exempted. They were always talking about him. “Is He a prophet?”, “Is He the Christ?”, “Is He from the family of David?”. Yet Jesus had only one thing in mind, which was to do the will of the Father.

Many of us live our lives always bearing in mind, “What will other people say?” Due to this, we have no peace of mind. Why? We cannot please everyone. Hence, we are invited and challenged to be like Jesus, which is:

  1. Continue to do Good. St. Mother Teresa said once that when you do good, people will doubt you. Do good anyway. The Good we do whether people appreciate it or not is not what is important. We do good because God told us to do so.
  2. God’s will is most important. Many of us want to be accepted and because of that, public opinion is very important. The problem is that different people have different standards, opinions, and values. So who are we to please?
  3. Faithfulness to one’s Mission. Jesus had a mission and he was faithful to it. Never mind what people will say. In the end, it is what would God say that really matters.

May we be reminded that people will always have opinions. Some are helpful, some are not. In the end, however, Jesus reminded us that it is the will of the Father that is most important.

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