Rough Times

John 6:16-21

For those of us who have ridden a boat and were caught by a storm in the middle of the sea, we still remember the feeling – FEAR. We were in a small boat in Antique once, and suddenly we experienced strong rains and winds. Water was getting into the boat. With a small cup, a friend and I were trying to return the water to the sea. In our minds, we were for sure thinking, “Lord, save me!”

In St. John’s Gospel, the fishermen experienced fear to such a degree that it must have been a truly bad storm. How comforting are the words of Christ, then, “It is I, do not be afraid.”

Hence for those of us experiencing a storm in life right now, three things we remember.

  1. It is part of life. Whether we like it or not, whether we are prepared or not, it comes to our lives. Sometimes it is expected, often it is not, but should it come, one thing we should remember, it will come to pass.
  2. God allowed it for a reason and a purpose. For those who think that because they are close to God that life will be “happily ever after”, they are up for a disappointment. Remember, the Lord challenges us to always pick up our cross. However, between the storms of life and the crosses we bear, God has a divine plan always. As they say, everything happens for a reason and a purpose. First and foremost is to TRUST GOD.
  3. It just gets stronger and stronger. For those serious about following Christ, notice that the storms in life get heavier and more difficult. As with the previous storms in life though, we just have to go through this with hope. Yes, hold on to the words of Christ, “It is I, do not be afraid!”

There is a saying that everything changes in life. Indeed it is true: sometimes life is quiet, sometimes it is noisy. Sometimes we are up, sometimes we are down. There are pleasant surprises and there are difficult surprises. Either way, we have to hold on to the one that is constant and does not change – God. When beset by storms in life, never forget to Pray for guidance and strength, fast for our intentions, and continue to be a blessing to others.

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