Thanking God for People

Matthew 5:13-16

Every single time it is quiet and there is a time to reflect, one of the things that I do is to thank God for various people in my life. 

  • There are people who are not here in this world anymore, yet I remember their kindness.
  • There are people who I have not seen anymore, but are just around the corner. Still, I remember their kindness.
  • There are people who I encounter every day and am truly grateful for their kindness.
  • There are people who I just met once but will not forget their kindness.

This is what St. Matthew’s Gospel invites all Christians to do: with your good works, you give God greater glory. 

Three reflections of why we are all challenged to do GOOD WORKS.

  1. Because we can. Each human being has the capacity to do good. We all have time, talent, and treasure. Every day, if you go to Mass, you will notice Mang Baldo. He is the one sweeping the grounds. When he was stronger, he used to be the campanero. When you see him, one will be reminded that there are many ways of doing GOOD WORKS.
  2. In Galatians, we are told never to grow tired of doing good, in due time we will reap what we sow. 
  3. No matter how small the goodness is, it will continue to bless people’s lives.

Therefore, may we always remember:

  • Never let the day go by without doing an act of kindness to other people.
  • Never forget to pray for other people; it is one of the kindest acts one can do.
  • Pray for the souls in purgatories. They too can pray for you and when they reach heaven, they will surely, out of gratitude, continue to pray for your intentions.

Today is the feast of St. Anthony. Even he is still doing good works. If one has an object that is missing or looking for a person who is missing, St. Anthony’s intercession is very powerful. Hence, even in heaven, he continues to do good works. 

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