Divine Mercy

John 20:19-31

It has been more than two years since the pandemic started and in the eyes of the world, there still is no light at the end of the tunnel. Hence so much fear and worry with the many questions we have in mind:

  • When will the pandemic end? How many more variants do we have to deal with?
  • How do you balance a pandemic versus the economy that needs boosting?
  • What about the personal and family issues we have to deal with?
  • Perhaps, the most difficult question: What if I become a statistic? How do I prepare myself?

In yesterday’s Gospel, the disciples locked themselves in the room because of fear of the Jews. They knew that after Jesus on the cross, they were next in line. What are the words of Christ to them? Not once, not twice but thrice – “PEACE BE WITH YOU”!

Yesterday was Divine Mercy Sunday. Three promises of the Jesus that should bring us peace:

  1. “Through this chaplet you will obtain everything, if what you ask is compatible with My will.” In these times when there is so much uncertainty, being the feast of the Divine Mercy, make a list of things you need. From material needs to spiritual needs, from things that bring us to fear, to things that bring us joy from small to big. Remember, if it is the will of the Lord, nothing is impossible.
  2. “The prayer most pleasing to Me in prayer for the conversion of sinners.” Before this pandemic, man was very far from God. This pandemic reminds us that all world securities are nothing. Hence, the reminded invitation to come to God. While the world is looking for a solution for recovery, let us not forget that there is a spiritual realm that is very real. From the people, especially our leaders, religious and civil, this feast reminds us to repent and to return to God. “If my people humble themselves and pray, our hear their prayer and heal their land.”
  3. “Whoever will recite the Divine Mercy prayer will receive great mercy at the hour of death.” This pandemic realizes that man is so fragile despite all our achievements in this world. Death and sickness have become so real. On the other hand, because of God’s mercy that is so wide and so deep, he will do everything and anything for our eternal life. Reciting the prayer with a truly repentant heart is one of them.

We always pray for God’s Divine Mercy. First, to bless, protect and watch over all our mass goers and their families. Second, we pray for those who are sick that they may be healed. We have received many answer prayers of healing and with your new perspective in life, bring hope to all the people you encounter. Finally, for those who passed away, may you have what really matters in life – Eternal peace and rest in the Divine Mercy of God.

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