One very important factor in any relationship is trust. It is something we build over time but can lose in just one moment. One image is that of a jar wherein marbles are collected over time for all to see. The collector demonstrates trust in those who see it, but sadly it just takes one betrayal and the jar can be emptied. 

What are the most painful betrayals?

  • Unfaithfulness or infidelity?
  • Lying?
  • Revealing a secret one was entrusted with?
  • Someone who talks about you behind your back?

According to a study, the worst one is when one is not interested in a relationship anymore. 

In the Gospel this week, Jesus experiences one of the most painful of human experiences – he was betrayed by his friend Judas. 

All of us have been betrayed and yes, the pain is perhaps still there when we see the person or when we recall the event, or when there is something that reminds us of the betrayal.

Three things we should remember:

  1. Forgiveness is a life-long process. It is not that we wake up one day and are fully healed. We continue to pray for those who have betrayed us, as this is the best first step to healing. 
  2. We must forgive ourselves. How can I be so trusting? How can I be so stupid? How can I be so vulnerable? If only we were perfect but we are not. If only we could tell the future, but God did not give us that gift because it would take away our trust in Him. If only we were more sensitive to the red flags and inconsistencies but decided not to mind them. The past has passed, lessons have been learned, and it is time to move on and let go.
  3. God has a plan. When things like this happen to us, we ask “WHY”? Even with the most tragic events, there will surely be something good that comes out of it. Hence in all our betrayals in life, we continue to trust God.

This week in Mass, we ask forgiveness for the people we betrayed. We, too, forgive people who have betrayed us. As we journeyed with Christ this Holy Week we remember that while there is the pain of Good Fridays in life, there will surely be the joy of Easter Sunday to follow.

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