Covid and Palm Sunday

If you are 40 years old and above, you would have probably remembered how Holy Week used to be. It was very quiet, the restaurants and malls were closed, and most of us just stayed at home. With the last couple of years of Covid, history repeated itself. It was very quiet, the restaurants and shopping areas were closed and yes, a lot of us stayed home. 

However, there is more to the similarity between Covid and the Palm Sunday celebrations. Three of which are as follows:

  1. Palm Sunday reminds us of the fleetingness of life. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, he was being praised, “Hosanna to the highest.” After a few days though, the crowd would end up shouting, “Crucify him!” How fleeting life can be. The reaction of humanity to the Covid virus also shows the fleetingness of life: One year it was life, as usual, then the next: no newspaper, no mall, no coffee, no restaurant, and no party. 
  2. Palm Sunday reminds us that all comes to an end. When Jesus entered Jerusalem he knew that his passion and death were just around the corner. The Covid virus also reminds us of the passion and death of our many loved ones. As the months went by, the virus became a part of everyday life. While this was very hard to accept, we are reminded to focus our lives on what is important.
  3. Palm Sunday reminds us to trust God. How can you enter Jerusalem when suffering and death will be waiting? Trust God. We may not fully understand His plan but he knows what is best. With this Covid pandemic, how will this end? When will it end? Is it because man is very far from God? Trust God. We may not fully understand His plan. 

As we enter the weekend to celebrate Palm Sunday and prepare for Holy Week, we continue to reflect on the entrance to Jerusalem with a beautiful reflection:

No palm, no pain
No thorns, no throne
No gall, no glory
No cross, no crown

Even in times like this, let our souls be joyful in the Lord.

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