What Are You Looking For?

When we are given a new year, of course, we have to plan so that time and resources are not wasted. In planning though, it is very important to ask ourselves, “What are you looking for?” No matter how old we are, there is always something in life that we are looking for. 

Some are looking for happiness, some are looking for purpose or meaning, some are looking for love, some are looking for money, some are looking for healing, some are looking for hope, some are looking for companionship and some are looking for opportunities….

In the Gospel, we hear of the story of the Magi. They were looking for God. They travelled far distances, they went out of their comfort zone and they searched and searched. Thanks to the star that guided them, they were able to find what they were looking for. 

All things of this world are passing and fleeting. Hence, why search for things that we will leave behind? Three ways to find God:

  1. Be Still and Know that I am God.” We live in a very noisy world. There are so many people talking. There are so many means of entertainment and there is music here and there. Yet, there is this voice in our hearts that is constantly there. Be still and know that I am God, says the Psalm. To be silent is to encounter God. 
  2. Forgiveness and Letting Go. Life will never be perfect. Relationships will never be perfect. We all get hurt and we too, hurt others. When the hurt turns to anger and a lack of forgiveness, what we will have are so many broken relationships – with oneself, with the people around us and with God. Life is short, forgive and let go.
  3. Know the Faith. When we welcomed the new year back in January, many Catholics had their own “pamahiins” or superstitious practices, all meant to bring good luck. Some wore red, some wore polka dots, some served round fruits, some refused to serve Chicken at the start of the year (baka daw maging isang kahig, isang tuka), some bought all these good luck charms. When you ask why go through all of these, the response is typical – “it doesn’t hurt”. The reality is that when people have lots of superstitious practices, it means that there is a lack in trusting God. It is God who provides and not the red polka dots or the round fruits or the red shirt. Further, with God, there is no good luck or bad luck. With God, everything happens for a reason and purpose. 

May we thank God for the past year. For some, it was a difficult one and for others, it was a good one. Either way, there is so much to be grateful to God. In 2022, we are reminded that God still has a plan and a mission for us. May we be able to find that mission and plan for us.

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