The Truly Blessed

Once I blessed a new office that was beautiful, modern and one could sense, prosperous. What was truly inspiring though, was the story behind the office. Five years earlier the owners had a business partner who embezzled corporate funds. Not only did the owners lose it all, but they were also already deep in debt and the marriage was falling apart. In the depth of their crisis, the couple decided that instead of fighting, they would help each other. They would build the business again one step at a time and trust in God. The blessing of the new office was a testimony of God being faithful.

My dear friends, the Gospel reminds us to always trust God. Three reasons why:

  1. We are not in control. As human beings, we want to be in control. While it is good to plan, we must realize that at the end of it all, many things in this world and in this life are beyond our control. Hence let us be reminded that he has a plan for us and His plan is for what is best.
  2. There is a spiritual warfare. While we try to look at life from the things that are seen, we forget that there are also the things that cannot be seen. Why would people go to the occult, to the magtatawas, the manghuhula, or manggagamot? Simply because their power is very seductive and deceiving.
  3. Sin. We all make mistakes in life, but the good news is that we can change our ways. This can only happen with the help of the Lord.   

Hence, in this life where nothing is certain, we are being told by Jesus that the truly blessed are not the rich and powerful but those who trust God. One day one will realize that money and power are fleeting and limited. It is only then that one realizes that God can be trusted. 

As the saying goes, “When we put our problems in God’s heart, he puts peace in our hurts.” Trust God, as he knows what is best, and that makes us truly blessed. 

How do we trust God every day?

  • Mass and prayer
  • Doing good. This includes speaking against evil and faithfulness in one’s vocation
  • Avoiding sin and always being hopeful.

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