Who Are the Blessed?

When we see people with a nice house, nice car, prestigious job, and frequently traveling,  we tell ourselves that person is blessed. When a person has a powerful position, is popular, or has social connections, we tell ourselves that the person is blessed. When a person is having a nice and charmed life, we say that that person is blessed. In other words, being blessed is based on the amount of material wealth, having an easy and good life, and everything that can be seen. Is that the true meaning of being blessed, though?

In the Gospel, Jesus often reminds us who are truly blessed. Three of which, include:

  1. The truly blessed are those who do what is right. Surely nowadays this is not easy because the right is made wrong and the wrong is made right. Notice when you call sin a sin, you are labelled as intolerant. When you stand up for what is right, you will be persecuted. Those who do right, however, are blessed because they will see how God will assist them in the many persecutions in life. They are blessed because they will see that good will always prevail.
  2. The truly blessed are those who realize that they are not in control. When we realize that we are weak, then the Lord becomes our strength. When we are confronted with things bigger than our capacities, we put our trust in the Lord. As the psalm says, “No one ever trusted God and was put to shame.”
  3. The truly blessed are those who attain eternal life. We are only passing by in this life and what is important is eternal life. At the end of our lives, we will have to given an accounting of how we have lived our lives, how we have used the time, talent and treasure lent to us, how we have blessed other peoples lives.

These days are dark days, not only economically, not only politically but most especially spiritually. People say that the devil is so active because he knows his condemnation is near. Hence, he is creating all this havoc in the world. As Christians, our response is to do what is right, trust in the Lord, and continue to bless other people’s lives.

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