Expect the Unexpected

Luke 1: 67-79

For the Chinese, the character for crisis is also the character for blessings. In other words, hidden in the challenges of life, are the blessings. However, because our view of life is limited, we find it difficult to see the blessings immediately when we are in crisis or undergoing difficulty. 

In the Gospel today we hear of Zechariah, who underwent difficulties in life, praising God, “Blessed be the God of Israel.” Why was Zechariah still able to praise God, despite his challenges in life? Three of the many reasons why:

  1. Answered Prayers. For the longest time, Zechariah and Elizabeth were childless. During that era, to be childless was a curse and an embarrassment. At God’s appointed time though, He gave the couple a child who became John the Baptist.
  2. Miracles. Elizabeth was old and barren. In the eyes of the world, the ability to give birth was already impossible, but they saw that with God nothing is impossible. If it is the plan of God, His plan will take place even if it takes a miracle.
  3. Hope. When a child is born into a home, the atmosphere automatically changes. There is joy, excitement and hope. Zechariah and Elizabeth named the baby John, which means “God is gracious.”

That is why in today’s Mass, let us be reminded of never tiring of prayer. He DOES answer all our prayers:

  • Yes – if it is meant to be, even if it takes a miracle
  • No – because God has a better plan
  • Not Yet – because the time of God is best.

Like Zechariah, even in difficult times, may we praise God – “Blessed be the God of Israel.”

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