Always Be Prepared

How many times have we wondered what is happening to the world?

  • There is no more sense of right or wrong
  • The good is persecuted and the evil is bold
  • There is so much anxiety, fear, worry, and depression
  • People do things that others do not expect them to do

In fact, the next question in mind is if the end of the world is near?

In 1917, Mama Mary appeared in Fatima and pleaded for conversion. “If man does not change his ways, there will be a chastisement from God. When you see a strange sign from the heavens know that the wrath of God is near”. In 1938, there was a strange light from heaven which was called Aurora Borealis. After two years, World War II started.

After this chastisement, did man become closer to God? Certainly not. We have not only gone even farther from Him, we even mock God. Hence the Gospel message is very powerful: stay awake, be prepared!

Today is the first week of Advent. Advent is about waiting. Certainly, one of the best ways to stay awake and be prepared is by waiting.

Three types of waiting we can do:

  1. Waiting with hope: In the end, good will always prevail. Never lose hope even when good seems to prevail. God is always in control. We just see a small part in life, God knows and has written the whole story.
  2. Waiting with love: Despite with all the wrong things, continue to do good. It is better to light just one candle than to curse the dark. Further, in the end, we will be judged by the kindness we have shown other people, especially to those who have less in life.
  3. Waiting with anticipation: We wait while we are journeying here on earth. One’s view of life changes when it is clear that we are only passing through. Why put so many emotions on things that we cannot bring to the next life?

As we celebrate this first week of advent, we are encouraged to prepare. This can only happen if we wait with hope, charity, and anticipation.

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