Christ is King

When one talks about a king, there are three elements that should be present: 

  • Power – When the U.S. says boycott this or that country, others follow suit 
  • Wealth – The country with the biggest foreign reserve is China, and their people are spread all over the world. Yes, they are even known to be the tourists who spend the most. The biggest economy is still the U.S., with China not far behind
  • Force – History has always shown the countries with the strongest militaries rule the world. In today’s time, the top three are the U.S., China and Russia.

During the era of Jesus, the Jews, who were under the rule of the Romans, were waiting for the king – the king that would set them free from the Roman empire. When Jesus came, they were excited. However, what did Jesus say? “My kingdom is not of this earth.”

When we celebrate Christ the King, we remember three things:

  1. The Kingdom of God is not about Power, it is about Service. Once, the apostles were arguing about who was the greatest. Jesus reminded them that the greatest individuals are those who serve.
  2. The Kingdom of God is not about Material Wealth, it is about sharing. Jesus reminded a rich young man who followed all the commandments to sell all his belongings and give it to the poor. He could not do it because his security was in the material possessions. The only thing we can bring to the next life is the kindness we have shown others.
  3. The Kingdom of God is not about War and Violence, it is about Trusting God. Jesus said that he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. On the other hand, how did a Church of 12 apostles grow to be the biggest religion in the world, despite all the persecutions? God is in control.

That is why this Sunday, we keep in mind that even if the world says, “Cash is king”,

  • We celebrate that Christ is King even if the wrongdoers are bold, loud, and even mock God
  • We celebrate Christ the King even when His Church and His followers are being persecuted

At the proper time, we will show the world who is King. In the meantime, always be strong, be hopeful, and be prepared.

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