Are You Burdened?

When the government started to open up some establishments, many people wanted the Church included. Why? It is not only about physical health in this pandemic. It is also about mental health. 

There are millions who have lost their jobs or livelihood, thousands who have lost their loved ones, and of course there is the fear of getting the virus. Then also, with so much chaos and fighting all over the world, how can we feel secure when people grow hungry? Hence, the feelings of helplessness, fear, anxiety, worry, depression, and suicidal thoughts. 

Especially in difficult times, the Church and the sacraments are a home for the lonely, pained, and weary. It has and always will be a place of comfort and consolation. Especially the words of Christ in the Gospel: “Come to me all you are burdened and I will give you rest.”

Three of the many ways, God can deal with the burdens of our life:

  1. Lift things to Him. How many of us have sleepless nights, bad dreams, bad appetites, etc, because of overthinking and worrying? Lord where will this pandemic leads us? What is going to happen? How about the concerns of the world, the country, my office, my family, and personal life? Lift them to the Lord because he has a plan. Lord, I just want to rest because you, after all, are in control.
  2. His Words and Promises. Because God is alive, His words are very much alive. Because with God, nothing is impossible; his words are very much powerful. How comforting are His words:  In Deuteronomy God says, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” In Matthew Jesus tells us, “Do not worry about tomorrow.” In the Psalms it says, “I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from my fears.”
  3. Prayer. Surely, we can pray anywhere, but the Church has always been our favorite place for hope and consolation. For centuries, the building has heard the cries of millions of people. Yes, Jesus tells us to pray unceasingly. Prayers are very powerful; it gives peace which is beyond human understanding and removes negative thoughts from our minds.

Let us pray that we bring to the Lord all our worries, aches, pains, sorrows, and fears. Secondly, give time to yourself to grieve. We are all human, we have limitations. Third, always be hopeful. He has a plan, His Words are very powerful and inspiring, and He is just a prayer away.

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