Promise Fulfilled

In our many relationships, the ones we truly value are those who have “Palabra de honor.” People who are faithful to their word or their promise. When one says on this time and this date, surely on the appointed time and date, he/she will be there. On the other hand, if a person does not keep his or her promise, the trust and confidence is shattered.

The most common of all experiences are people who borrow money. “Friend, I will pay you on this time and this date.” On one hand, there are those who truly pay on time, if not even earlier, but there are also those who disappear on the said time and date. 

In the Gospel, the Jews were waiting for the Messiah and Jesus said that this promise has been fulfilled – the promise was kept. Further, if we go through the bible, God makes not one, not two, not one hundred, but more than three hundred promises. From finances to health, from peace of mind to forgiveness of sins, from eternal life to just to making it today.

Hence, three things we remember:

  1. With God, nothing is impossible. In other words, if He says this, he will surely keep His promise. If there is one thing that gave all those who followed God strength and hope amidst all the trials and crosses in life, it is the fact that God will never abandon them.
  2. God is in Control. As human beings we always want to be in control and when we are not, anxiety, fear, and worry creep in. Day by day, may we trust God’s mysterious ways more and be less controlling. 
  3. Strength, Patience and Hope. Many think of God as an ATM when it comes to money and as a genie when it comes to granting wishes. While we have all experienced God’s answered prayer, often, God is not instant. He answers our prayers in the best way because there is always a reason and a purpose not only with us but with all the people around us. 

That is why we pray for strength amidst all the trials and challenges in life. Remember, the promise has been fulfilled. Never lose hope.

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