Money and Eternal Life

Once upon a time, in rich cities, it was noted that relatives of rich families married each other. In an article on Lipa’s Old Gentry, it was mentioned that in the early 1900s when Lipa became very prominent because of coffee, the families of Solis, Luz, Katigbak, Roxas, Kalaw and Dimayuga inter-married. Why was this done? So that the wealth would stay within the family.

In the Gospel, a woman eventually ends up marrying 7 brothers after the death of the previous one. This was done so that the money inherited by the wife stays within the family. Further, in the same Gospel reading, Jesus talks about eternal life. This is a reminder that eventually, we just leave all of our money behind, rich or poor.

Hence, if money will be something we leave behind, three things to remember:

  1. Money is important, but don’t forget the more important things in life. Once Jesus was asked which is the greatest of all commandments. His response, “Love for God and love for neighbor.”
  2. Money is meant to serve and not to be served. Jesus said that in this life, one cannot have two masters. When money already destroys relationships and when it is the basis of decision making, it is not serving but is being served. It has become the master already. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.”
  3. It is not what was saved but what was shared. People use money as the basis whether when one is rich or not. But once in the temple, Jesus reminded his disciples that the poor woman who gave her last two coins is the richest compared to the people who gave large amounts of money. Why? The poor woman gave all that she had, while the others just from the excess of their funds.

We first thank God for all the material blessings. Yet they are only lent to us, so we pray that we may use these blessings for eternal life. How? Put relationships first; trust in God; have a generous heart.

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