Are You Prepared?

One of the questions often asked to me is if the end near. The bible says that on the last days: 

  • There will be false prophets and false messiahs
  • There will be wars and rumors of war 
  • Nations will rise against nations 
  • Christians will be persecuted

Indeed all of these are happening so one might fear the end of days, but Jesus said that we will not know the day or the hour. Hence, as Christians we should always be hopeful. We should always be prepared. 

The Gospel tells us three ways we can prepare:

  1. Never take time for granted. How many of us say, “I will get my life right maybe in a few years” or “I will go to confession some other time.” How often do we forget that all of us are on borrowed time and the time of the Lord is different than ours. As we always remember when someone passes away: Life is short, life is swift, life is uncertain. The only time we have is now.
  2. Proper Disposition of Material Things. Whether rich or simple, we know that money and materials things are important, but hopefully we also watch ourselves against greed. When greed enters, all of our relationships are destroyed. We should always remember that we came into this world with nothing, we will leave this world with nothing, and the only thing we can bring to the next life is the kindness we have shown people.
  3. Focus on Life Eternal. When we know we are just passing through, we travel light: emotionally, physically, and, yes, spiritually. If we focus on the next life even when we are still on earth, we realize what is important and what is fleeting, what is essential and what is passing. Hence we will have less cares, anxieties, and fears in life, and more peace and joy.

In closing, let me share to you an event that happened in Fatima, Portugal in July 1917. Mama Mary told Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco if man does not change his ways the wrath of God will be experienced. She said when you see the night lit by a strange unknown light, that is the sign that God is about to punish the world.

Twenty years later, on Jan 25 and 26, from 9pm to 2am, the sky was illuminated by a red glow. Many say that it was an Aurora Borealis. After that, World War II came.

Think about it. Since then, has humanity repented, or moved further from God?

  • There are 60 million abortions every year
  • There is no sense of sin or scandal
  • The wrong is made right and the right is made wrong

Therefore: Be hopeful, be prepared.

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