Responsibility and Blessings

Luke 10:13-16

Whenever my former officemates and I have a reunion and recall the good old days, we unanimously agree that the happiest days were when we were working as newly hired employees. During those days as rank and file staff, we had very little responsibilities. As the years went by though, we were promoted to higher positions and we got a bigger salary and more company perks. With all of these promotions, there was of course more responsibility. Simply put, with more blessings come more responsibility.

This was the message of Jesus to the people of the towns Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum. They had been so blessed to witness the miracles and healings of Christ, they had heard him preach with authority; and they had him in their midst. Yet, despite all the blessings, they did not become better people.    

Hence, we now reflect on the blessings of knowing God.

  1. When we know God, we realize that we are never alone in life. Ups and downs, joys and pain, good times and difficult times God is always with us.
  2. When we know God, we realize that someone else is in control. There is a story of parents who experienced the most painful thing in life – the death of their child. The father was agnostic and the mother was a Christian. After the funeral the husband realized that believing in God made sense. He questioned the death of his daughter but got no answer. The wife also questioned the death of the daughter but eventually put her trust on the Lord because he is in control and knows best.
  3. When we know God, we look at life beyond this world. The saddest thing in life is to live in this world and think that death is the end of it all. If we know God though, we realize that all things in life are passing – the victories and defeats. When we know that there is life beyond this life, we appreciate what is important and we realize what is fleeting.

We pray that we continue to know God more and more each day. After all, as a Christian this is the biggest blessing, and with great blessings come great responsibility.

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