Doing Everything When Sick

One of the most difficult of all human experiences is to be sick. Some sicknesses are temporary, some can last a lifetime, and some, in the worst cases, can be terminal. In the many Anointing of the Sick experiences, I noticed that when it is the children that are sick, the parents suffer even more. “Lord, why not me instead of my daughter?”

In the Gospel, we hear of two sick people. The daughter of an official who just died and a woman who has been experiencing hemorrhages for twelve years.

Three things we should remember when dealing with sickness:

  1. Look at sickness in its entirety. We are both body and soul. Each affects the other one. If we take care of our bodies, we should also take care of our souls. 
  2. “Your sins are forgiven.” Notice Jesus would always say, “your sins are forgiven” before healing. This reminds us that the soul is in need of healing as well. 
  3. Who do we trust in the healing of the soul? Our Catholic faith has given us prayer, Anointing of the Sick and confession for healing of the soul. Yet, some Catholics would venture into the occult through faith healers. While there may be immediate relief, we already have given the preternatural spirits to attach to our lives. 

In each Mass let us continue to pray for the people who are sick. Let us also not forget to offer Masses for people who are sick. The prayer of the Church is more powerful. Lastly, we trust God. If there is a cure for the body, there is a reason and purpose. If there is no cure for the body, there is a reason and purpose as well. Eventually, whether we receive the cure or not, our bodies would soon fade away.

Most important indeed is the healing of the soul: Prayer, Anointing of the Sick and Confessions. 

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