Not Welcome

In 1962, Christianity was removed from the public schools in the United States. 50 years later, a study was made on the effects:

  • Criminal arrests of teens were up 150% according to the US Bureau of Census 
  • Teen suicides, in ages 15-19 years old, were up 450% according to the National Center of Health Services
  • Illegal drug activity was up 6000% according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse
  • Child abuse cases were up 2300% according to the US Department of Health and Human Services 
  • Divorce was up 350% according to the US Department of Commerce 
  • SAT scores fell 10% even though the questions were revamped to be easier
  • Violent crime had risen 350%, national morality figures had plummeted, and teen pregnancy escalated dramatically

This is what happens when Jesus is not welcome, as what sometimes happens in the Gospel. The temple collectors wanted him to pay tax because he was not recognized as the Son of God and that God was not His Father.

Three of the many reasons why we need God.

  1. The basis for truth and morality. Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life.” Look at what is happening now. Why is the one who is already wrong is still so bold? The truth is now based on what one feels and not what God says. 
  2. Someone to hold on to. While social media is a very nice development, it also has isolated so many people. One teenager commented, “I have 1000 FB friends but I feel so lonely.” Why is suicide an option now? When we forget that there is a God with whom nothing is impossible, hopelessness is contained and managed. 
  3. The Unseen Realm. Ciudad Juarez was one of the most notorious cities in Mexico from 2008-10 because of drugs, gang wars, and violence. This significantly dropped after the parish priest pushed for adoration 24 hours. The unseen realm may not be seen but there is a war on-going. Yet, God is in control. 

In each Mass:

  • First look at all that is happening in the world, not only politically and economically but also spiritually – good versus evil.
  • Ironically, with evil so prevalent nowadays, why are we removing God from our lives instead of welcoming Him in?
  • The Ciudad Juarez example should remind us that although there is the mystic reality of the unseen world, it is very much real. God is very much real.

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