New Year and Mission

We Filipinos can be very superstitious. If someone is getting married in the family, there are superstitious beliefs; if someone has passed away, there are superstitious beliefs. Yes, when we welcome the new year, there are also many superstitious beliefs: from round fruits to wearing polka dots, to feng shui lucky charms, to opening the drawers. 

In the eyes of faith, superstitious beliefs have no place. Why did God give us this new year? Simply because he has a plan and a mission. Further, if he has a plan and a mission, he will always make sure that he will always provide.

In discussing missions, the Gospel speaks of John the Baptist who people thought was Christ. Yet, he was humble enough to admit that he was not the Christ. He remained faithful to the mission given to him by God and did not have to pretend to be someone he was not supposed to be.   

Hence one thing we can learn from today’s Gospel is being true and authentic. 

  1. When one is true and authentic, one is free. No need to worry about what others are to say or what you are to say. Because you are true and authentic, all comes naturally.
  2. When one is true and authentic, you develop true and authentic relationships. These you may consider as true friends. They will be with you for the ups and downs of life.
  3. When one is true and authentic, God will continue to work on the person. Since he or she is faithful in the mission that God has given, God will bless them.

That is why in each Mass we pray to be real and authentic. Amidst all the bad news happening because of sin, let us keep it simple, let us cherish our true friends, let us open our eyes to the many miracles of God in our lives. Let us be real and authentic. 

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